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Presidents’ Farewell - Welcome Ceremony


A farewell and welcome ceremony was organized to honor the outgoing and incoming presidents of Bimeh Markazi Iran (Central Insurance of IR Iran) at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance.

Dr. Masoud Karbasian, the Finance Minister, highly remarked the upward trend of private sector share in the national market as one of the achievements made by Bimeh Markazi. Referring to the emphasis made by President Rouhani concerning the increase in insurance share – life insurance in particular – Dr. Karbasian mentioned that insurance companies accompany individuals in hardship, especially natural disasters. Kermanshah earthquake is an illustration by which Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.) proved its accountability through loss compensation the earliest possible, with the aid of Bimeh Markazi.

Underlining the words of wisdom by the Supreme Leader, and the eleven solutions to the economic challenges, the Minister stated that sanction counteraction committee is constantly observing circumstances. Moreover, the role of insurance in reducing risks and expanding support for today’s economic transactions and production is of paramount importance. Accordingly, Dr. Karbasian genuinely appreciated efforts of Dr. Hemmati, the former President of Bimeh Markazi, and reviewed his influential endeavors, notably Sanhab (insurance electronic directive supervision system) as the top-notch IT project nationwide.

Dr. Hemmati insisted on the significance of corporate governance, capital increase, and reserves adequacy, all of which need to be achieved so that insurers, the insured, and the industry shall gain great benefit.

Dr. Gholamreza Soleimani, the newly appointed President of Bimeh Markazi, revealed his forthcoming plans for national insurance industry, maintaining that the industry ought to exit insularity and function more effectively in the national economy, specifically capital market.



15:26 - 23/07/2018    /    Number : 3132    /    Show Count : 818