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President’s Nowruz Memo:

Creativity High on Agenda



In the Nowruz meeting accompanied by the Management Board of Bimeh Markazi Iran (Central Insurance of IR Iran), Dr. Hemmati drew the employees’ attention to the importance of resourcefulness with respect to high expectations in the national insurance industry.


In view of that, the Head of High Council of Insurance insisted that Bimeh Markazi Iran (Central Insurance of IR Iran) must stand its ground as it is accountable for the realization of such expectations.



Also, he accentuated the performance supervision of insurance and reinsurance companies in addition to complaints accountability, saying that consultation has been made concerning international facets and the improvement plan intended for reinsurance coverage.


Having conducted performance appraisal as regards insurance and reinsurance companies during the last year, Dr. Hemmati expressed his hope saying that all entities shall serve the community in an enhanced way and at a higher level compared with last year. Referring to this year naming by the Supreme Leader, Dr. Hemmati encouraged the staff of Bimeh Markazi and companies to provide a lot more creative and novel insurance products and services in order to “Support for Iranian Products” and reinforce local producers and entrepreneurs.




11:22 - 11/04/2018    /    Number : 3079    /    Show Count : 1019