omid insurance

omid insurance

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Tehran Office: Phone: 57-88919056, 88919060, 88805099 Central Branch: Tel: 4420184 and 4420395-0764 Fax: 4420396-0764 Qeshm Branch: Phone: 5220466-0763 Fax: 5220467-0763 Representative Office of Chabahar: Telex: 4442830-0545

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Ali akbar Ekrami

Vice CEO

Head of The Board

Ali nasiri pour Representative of Asia Insurance Company

Vice President of The Board

Amirhossein tavakoli Representative of Alborz Insurance Company

The Main members of The Board

Dana Insurance Company with Agent Ali akbar Ekrami

Alborz Insurance Company represented by Amir Hossein Tavakoli

Asia Insurance Company with Agent Ali Nasiripour

alternate members of The Board

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vehicle Insurances

Responsibility and Assets Insurances

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Technical Calculator (Actuary)

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Central Branch: Kish Island, Sanaie Street, Andisheh Blvd., No. 103 - Box: 74179-79417 Qeshm Branch: Imam Gholi Khan Blvd., Palmeel Zarrin Complex, Postcode 7 Postcode 7951615613 - Phone 0763- 5242631 Chabahar Agency: Salehayar Commercial Complex, Ground floor, plaque 272 Tehran Communication Office: Ghareyn-e-Shepard Street- Shadab Brothers Street - Plaque 31 - Post Code 1598986711