ECO WHITE CARD SCHEME                          



The proposal to prepare the ECO White Card Scheme dates back to 1997, during the Fifth ECO Summit, in which preparing a framework agreement for Motor Vehicle Third Party Liability Insurance in the ECO region was decided in order to promote the cooperation between ECO member states in the field of insurance as mentioned in Article 22 of TTFA and its Annex No. 5.

According to the proposal made by the 10th RPC (Regional Planning Council) on February 2000 in Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran, i.e. Bimeh Markazi Iran (Central Insurance of I.R. of Iran) was appointed as the responsible country to do the above-mentioned task and to host the first Meeting of the ECO insurance authorities of ECO member states to consider the prepared Scheme.

On behalf of Islamic Republic of Iran, Bimeh Markazi hosted the First Meeting of ECO Insurance Experts’ Group on September 6-7, 2005. The participating delegations presented their reports of insurance facilities and regulations in their respective countries. They emphasized on the necessity of establishing a common insurance coverage scheme applicable to all ECO member states aiming at facilitation of the smooth movement of carriers in the region.


Then, in the First Meeting of the Transit Transport Coordination Council (TTCC) for Implementation of Transit Transport Framework Agreement (TTFA), held in Baku- Azerbaijan, in September 2006, participating delegations agreed to set up four sub-committees as auxiliary bodies of the TTCC one of which was the insurance sub-committee.

Accordingly, Bimeh Markazi hosted the First Meeting of the Insurance Sub-Committee of TTCC in Tehran, on May 2007, and attended to the draft of the ECO White Card Scheme prepared by Mr. Ardeshir Ahadi who is officially in charge of Green Card Bureau in Iran. Then, it was circulated to all member states through official note of the Secretariat for their consideration and finalization during the First Meeting of the Insurance Sub-Committee of TTCC. Finally, the meeting considered the draft of the ECO White Card Scheme at length and adopted it on May 2007, which is still under implementation process.

Since Iran is geographically located in the center of ECO region and is a transit route for many ECO countries which has an important role in transit transport in the region and was initiator of providing a unified Motor Vehicle Third Third Party Liability Insurance Scheme, known as ECO White Card Scheme, on behalf of Bimeh Markazi, close liaison with ECO Secretariat in the framework of ECO White Card Scheme is highly apprecited.

The ECO White Card is an official evidence of compulsory civil liability insurance concerning the use of motor vehicle, in any visited member country of the ECO region, contracting parties of the said scheme. Main objectives of the ECO White Card Scheme are as follows:

·          to facilitate the international circulation of motor vehicles by enabling insurance of third party liability risks in respect of their use, in the case of accidents;

·          to guarantee compensation of injured parties in accordance with national laws and regulations of the ECO member countries of the Scheme;

·          to establish the Motor Vehicle Third Party Liability Insurance System among the ECO Region.